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Person of the Planet Meeting

  • Arlington Community Church 52 Arlington Avenue Kensington, CA, 94707 United States (map)

Who are these "persons of the planet" people anyway?

We are you, and you, and you.  Individual by individual, person by person, we are those who love our planet, Earth, and who grieve for the damage done to Her.

When Shanti brought up this concept, Person of the Planet, at first it sounded too big, too over-whelming, too not-Arlington-Community-Church.  But then.... you start to think about the power we each possess, the choices we make every day.  And know in your heart, "If not me, then who?"

Yes, it is about protecting and improving the environment.  Yes, there are other groups who do this, too. The difference is that Person of the Planet is one person, doing what she or he can, each day, in the interest of Earth.  Only by beginning at the personal commitment level will there be change.

James Altucher, Architect of Change, Thought Leader and Entrepreneur, said this: 

"Every new idea has been viewed as crazy the day before it was implemented.

The key is to have meaning in life. To say, "I want to help people". Or, "I want to empower the people around me". Or, "I want to educate people about X", whatever X is.

Have a vision that can motivate all of the other actions you take in the name of that vision. This will give you energy, inspire you to have the positive habits that will help you on your mission, and take part in the reinventions your vision will constantly require."

Person of the Planet -ACC group will be bringing you more information, speakers, articles and discussion opportunities.  Please consider carefully if you can be part of this vision.

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