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Speaker Series: Dr. Robert Epstein: A Carbon-Neutral Future: Strategies for a Stable Climate

A Carbon-Neutral Future: Strategies for a Stable Climate

Our best chance to minimize the effects of climate change is to be “carbon-neutral” by 2045. Since 2006, California has demonstrated how governments can encourage innovation and gradually reduce emissions without harming the economy. In collaboration with other sub-nations and nation, policies and innovations have been shared around the world. In the coming decade, additional strategies will be needed in order to both reduce emissions at a faster rate and start taking more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.


Dr. Robert Epstein

Co-founder, Environmental Entrepreneurs, Co-founder and former EVP, Sybase

Dr. Epstein presented one of the most popular discussions of the year with many attendees requesting another talk.  Person of the Planet is delighted to announce that event will take place at Arlington Community Church this month.

Robert Epstein, PhD, co-founder, Environmental Entrepreneurs, co-founder and former EVP, Sybase. Bob Epstein is an entrepreneur and holds a PhD from UC Berkeley in electrical engineering and computer science, specializing in distributed database systems.

He is Chairman of the NRDC (National Resources Defense Council) Action Fund. Bob has been heavily involved in founding the Berkeley Food Institute that works to catalyze and support transformative change in food systems, to promote diversity, justice resilience, and health from the local to the global.

Bob's knowledge of public policy is extensive and proven with successes. Come and hear from a subject matter expert about this critical topic.

Earlier Event: September 8
Morning Worship
Later Event: September 11
Bell Choir