Bob Epstein's Talk at ACC

You could probably hear a pin drop, as 22 people sat in the sanctuary last night, listening to Bob Epstein, a renowned climate expert  and political strategist, explain the delicate balancing act of survival on earth and enacting public policy to combat the rise of global temperatures. We all know it’s already started…..1 degree rise, 2 degrees,  and wait bingo! … somewhere after 2 degrees  the tundras melt releasing the stored methane and civilization ends as we know it due to the toxic air and a hostile environment ….. for humans.   Ah but did you know planting bamboo and mangroves  cleans the air by absorbing 500% more carbon from the atmosphere than temerate forests?  Yes, a glimmer of light.

Dr. Epstein has help shepherd the passage of several California laws that have targeted dates - 10, 20, 30 year goals to help combat  the "three legged stool"  1.  Emissions, 2. Sequestering  carbon from entering atmosphere, and 3. avoiding natural emissions.   These CA bills are

2002:  AB1493 - Clean Cars Bill,

2006:  AB32 - Global Warming Solutions Act

2016:   SB 32 - Emission standards extended to 2030

2017: AB398 - Carbon market extended to 2030

Remember the poor air a couple of weeks ago due to the fires?   That is a common day in Beijing China.  China has adopted many of the California initiatives to address their pollution problems and meet their commitments to counter climate change.  California leads the way......and we all know WHO is trying to undermine this progress.   

We thank Dr. Epstein for a most enlightening evening.  Are we listening?