This is Your Planet by Shanti Moorjani

Remember the patriotic song "This is Your Country" of the free.  As a kid, when I heard this song I would get all puffed up with pride and the feeling of belonging,  proud to be an American.  This Christmas, I am not feeling so proud to be an American.  Instead, I would like to change the words of the song to "This is your Planet".   I am very proud of all of you that have expressed an interest and commitment to be Persons of the Planet.   I am happy that since our start in the Spring of this year 2017, we have had 2 movie nights, 2 great speakers, a green holiday bazaar and an article in the Kensington Outlook.  And, the outlook looks good for 2018, with more movies nights and an interesting range of speakers lined up. 

Here is our upcoming list:

January 4

Craftism, Art, and Tides

January 18

Movie:   Rivers and Tides

January 25

Movie:  How Do You Dance

February 15

Speaker:  Jeff Kushner  of Litterati talking about litter

February 22

Marsela Pecanac  of New Resource talking about Green Banking

March 15

Andrew Gunther  Climate Scientist at UC Berkeley specializing in Marine biology.

April 22

 Earth Celebration and choir

April TBA

 Mike  from Berkeley Re-cycling


Maya from Soul Flower Farms talking on natural living and gardening

Stay tuned to updates and mark your calendar.   Thank you for embracing our Mother Earth as she has embraced us.