Pastor Tony's Sermon June 11, 2017

Genesis 1                    6-11-17            ACCUCC                      Rev. Tony Clark


“Ode to the Spirit”


The Holy Spirit,

who hovered over creation,

breathes, and blows and births relation.


Dry desert dust devils

and wet winter wind whirls,

sudden spring showers and

summer’s sun-flavored flowers

wind who whispers, willowy and warm,

calms the chaos and soothes the storms,

and when stasis sits, she inspires,

ignites desire,

fans flames of fire,

gives poetry to poets

sings symphony to sound

and activates artists all around.


Holy Wisdom, woman of wonder,

one of God, Divine and Feminine

Who tears asunder, with earthquake and thunder

and draws the plans for this world we live in.


This is what it looks like when dragonflies fly;

this is what it feels like when preachers prophesy;

this is what it sounds like when doves cry.

These the flavors of diversity,

these the dreams of destiny

these our primal passions, our visons and variety.


Instinct, intuition, butterflies in the gut,

that heart-pounding urge to suddenly speak out

goosebumps and grief

challenge and change,

emotions, and stress, and blessed relief.


Do we dare describe

the divine Spirit’s drive?

Visionary, vital, verdant, virile,

revision, revitalize, restore, restyle.


Come, Holy Spirt, inspire;

ignite us with your holy fire;

unite us with your living desire.

Impassion us with immodest,

imposing, immeasurable ideas;

drop dreams on our doorsteps

and visions into our veins

that we may dance, today,

the hopes of tomorrow;

that we may bring the kingdom to come;

that God’s justice on earth will be done;

and that you, the wonderful wind, whispering, willowy and warm

will come and calm our chaos and still our storms.


Spirit who hovered over creation

Breathe and blow and birth us in new relation.