Faith is a Verb.. Musings by Pastor Tony August 4, 2017

Faith is a Verb…     Musings by Pastor Tony     Aug 4, 2017

Several weeks ago, I spent a day in North Richmond. I toured the Shields-Reid Community Rec Center, the new community garden being designed by Urban Tilth (check it out here), and ended at the Neighborhood House of North Richmond. I witnessed that the unincorporated village has much need, is surrounded by industry, and, because of its proximity to the west county trash facility, is prone to illegal dumping of all kind of materials.   I found out about the this past Tuesday I attended the North Richmond Municipal Advisory Council meeting andconnected with several leaders in North Richmond.

There are many places where we Arlingtonians could get involved in North Richmond and in the Iron Triangle in Richmond.  A Greenway is being created to connect the Ohlone Greenway in El Cerrito with the Bay Trail that runs along the Bay. Every 2nd Saturday of the month there is a Greenway Volunteer day at 6th St, between Ohio and Chanslor, from 10 am – 1 pm, and it is open to all ages (younger ones need adult supervision); the next Greenway Volunteer Days are Aug 12, Sept 9, and Oct 14.  Click here for more info on the Greenway Project and here to learn about the Watershed Project that is working to clean up the streams that flow through North Richmond to the Bay and create a North Richmond waterfront park. Also, Richmond is participating in the California Coastal Cleanup Day, Sat Sept 16, 9 am- 12 noon, at Shimada Park off the Marina Bay Parkway (bring your own bags, hat, water, sturdy shoes); click here for info on the International Coastal Cleanup Day .

Ceasefire is a group sponsored by the Richmond Police that is walking the streets on Friday evenings to stop gun violence, and Ceasefire is also responding to shootings by providing support and food for grieving families. A new program supported by Ceasefire is Change4FiveHundred, which was initiated by a formerly incarcerated young man who is motivated to change the community he ravaged. On August 19, Change4Fivehundred will host a Bar-B-Que and Backpack and school supplies give away to school aged children at the Shield-Reed Community Center.

One last thing to watch for: there is once again a proposal to annex North Richmond into Richmond. In the past, resistance was put up by the industries and the owners of property in North Richmond. The County Supervisor’s office believes that annexing North Richmond would create a contiguous area of service, which will help stabilize the area by having Richmond city services like Police and Fire respond rather than the Sheriff that is located in Martinez. This will be discussed in upcoming Municipal Advisory Council Meetings (held every 1st Tues). 

I will be getting connected with our neighbors in North Richmond; I hope that ACC can help support and transform North Richmond and the Iron Triangle. I will keep you updated with ongoing needs; may we respond from the deepest places of our faith.

Peace, Pastor Tony