Notes from the "First Person of the Planet" Talk Tuesday, September 12,  2017: by  Shanti Moorjani

Notes from the "First Person of the Planet" Talk Tuesday, September 12,  2017: byShanti Moorjani

Some people are a "Person of the Planet"  (P.O.P.) whether they call themselves that or not.   One such person is Dr. Robert E. Shore-goss,  retired pastor and theologian of the MCC United Church of Christ in North Hollywood, CA.  He spoke Tuesday night in our very first P.O.P. speaker series.  In his position as a pastor, Dr. Shore-gossspearheaded an awareness campaign to make a neutral carbon footprint for his church. He inspired his congregants to plant gardens, buy electric cars, go solar, and more.  His church received a Green Oscarfrom the California Interfaith Power and Light.

After his "ecological conversion", Bob believed you cannot be a Christian and not be an advocate for the environment.   "If you fall in love with God's Earth, you will fight for it," he said.   At the Climate Change March in Washington DC, of the 400,00 people there, 40% were from faith communities from across the country.

His talk stated many climate disruption facts, that probably most of you are already aware of, such as  rising oceans,  higher temperatures, water and airpollution.  Dr. Shore-goss often quoted the Dr. Sallie McFague, professor of Theology Emeritus at Vanderbilt University in Vancouver.  Her  earth renewal quote is,  "Take your share, Clean up after yourself, Keep the house in good repair for future occupants".