Creation Justice Congregation Designation

Creation Justice Congregation Designation

Ruth Robinson

We are proud to announce that the United Church of Christ national office has approved our application to become a Creation Justice Church. This was approved by your vote in September, and the Mission Statement affirmed earlier this year also by congregational vote.

The designation is not given to a relatively small group who are supporting Person of the Planet, but to the entire congregation. One of the unique features of Person of the Planet is that all individuals who feel called to be a "voice for this planet" can be part of this mission, regardless of religious affiliations.

What does that mean, really? It means that our work for social and environmental justice is shown to be a shining light to congregations both part of the UCC and other faith communities; it means that ACC is one of the first in the nation to achieve this. And as such, it put us in the "early adopter" category and places us in a leadership role for our larger community.

Many of us have been on the sidelines supporting a smaller group. Now is the time, really the responsibility, for all of us to lend our presence, our voices and our talents in concert with others to show courage and the faith needed to continue this work.

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