Advent Greetings to All

Advent Greetings to All

Those of us who remember Don McNeill’s Breakfast Club (on the radio 1933-68 from Chicago) are most likely eligible for AARP programs (and can recite the words to the songs), such as the Driver Safety emphasis—this week’s public service announcement.  I’m currently taking it on line AND will save on our automobile insurance.  Very practical and worth the effort.  Plus, I’m learning things, which is the point after all.

Congregations “promote” special offerings in various ways, so you all know this but I want to add my encouragement.  The Christmas Offering (formerly known as Veterans of the Cross) makes possible special monetary gifts to our most financially-challenged retired clergy and church workers.  For more information consult the website.  Thanks for supporting this appeal.

Meanwhile I continue to have conversations with members and am gleaning a lot of useful information.  The goal is to provide the Council and future pastor with some insights into members’ vision for the future in light of current capacities and enthusiasms.  Seek me out when you have time; we will talk…

By the way, last week I mentioned the Facebook opportunity for engaging people.  Arlington has about 100 new “likes.”  One person even wrote to thank me for inviting him; he’s never been to California BUT would come to Arlington if he does.  You never know what will happen if you invite someone—maybe a family member, maybe a neighbor.  More to come…

Admit it, your mind is hearing “Good Morning Breakfast Clubers, good morning to ya; we woke up bright and early just to howdy-do ya…”

Dennis, Interim Pastor