Council Notes, December 2018


 It is an exciting time in the life of our church.  We are preparing the way for new things to come.  The most significant part of the work has been the progress of our Search Committees in choosing two people to shepherd us. 

We have already welcomed Rev. Dennis Alger, our interim pastor, who began work on December 1.  Dennis will be with us for three months to do the work of transition and prepare us to meet a new pastor.  We’re already enjoying seeing his Arlington Community Church posting every day on Facebook with inspirational news and comments.  Do check out Arlington Community Church, UCC, on Facebook.

The second search committee will be introducing us to Rev. Nate Klug, our candidate for a three-quarter time pastorate.  Nate will lead worship on Sunday, January 27, and we will hold a congregational vote that day after worship whether to call him.  Be sure to come to church on January 27!

Also on January 27, we will hold a brief congregational meeting to finish business continued from last November.  We will vote on the finalized budget for 2019, and we will vote on a by-laws change to move the annual meeting date from November back to January.  Several years ago it was suggested that January was a difficult time to hold the annual meeting because the pastor and church leadership were obliged to prepare for the meeting during the busy holiday season.  We changed the meeting date to November to resolve that problem.  However, our financial reports and budget predictions are not available until after the first of the year.  January is also a better time to transfer leadership duties in Council and on church boards.  On December 12, Council voted to propose a by-laws change moving the date of the annual meeting back to January.

Have a merry Christmas.  See you on January 27!