To All Who Consider Arlington Community Church “Home:” Advent Greetings!

To All Who Consider Arlington Community Church “Home:” Advent Greetings!

It has begun, our time together.  You have called me to engage with you for a time of Interim Ministry, a time of exploration, evaluation, recommendation, and relationship-building.  Already individuals have talked with me, often at length, regarding this community of faith in terms of joys and concerns.  Sometime next month I will summarize my learnings into a report to the Council.  That body’s eventual deliberations with the incoming pastor will be informed by that report.

All along the way, I will ask questions, make suggestions and offer observations.  Here is the first suggestion—based upon presentations about social media I’ve attended in recent years: use social media for networking.  I’m a member of Pilgrim UCC in Carlsbad, CA.  Each Sunday someone makes this announcement: “Please silence your cell phones, but feel free to alert your friends on social media that you are in worship at Pilgrim.”  Most who read these words can be social media ambassadors for Arlington. Check it out.

On Wednesday, yesterday, I was given access to Arlington’s Facebook page; subsequently I invited almost all my Facebook friends to “like” the Arlington page; this morning, Thursday, there are about 60 new “likes”.  These persons will not attend services (unless passing through) because they range from the Philippines to parts of Africa.  However, they compose a community of encouragement, information sharing, and advocacy.  I suggest you invite your friends as well; you might get some really good feedback.

Feel free to contact me and share your perspective, insights, excitement and/or frustration.  I already see many great things happening along with ideas for future exploration.  Thanks for inviting me along on your journey.

-        Dennis