Living in Paradox

Living in Paradox

Sometimes it seems to me that the great gift of being religious in this day and age is the ability to be comfortable with a certain degree of paradox. Paradox comes from a Greek word meaning "contrary to expectation" or "incredible."

We live in paradox when we hear old stories like the Transfiguration and the Resurrection, after a week of listening to NPR and reading the newspaper. But we also live in paradox when we suffer losses we never could have imagined, and still have to wake up and find our joy in this life. Paradox is true to our experience of being alive.

Jesus spoke in parables to his followers, as a way of expressing the power of metaphor and paradox. For me, the art of poetry is another way to experience the paradox that's a characteristic of living in God.

Join us in the Fireside Room at 11:30 after worship on Sunday, as we read and discuss a few short poems that speak to our journey during this Lenten season. We'll be out of there by 12:15 and on our way for lunch, I promise!

And, to follow up on my article last week, do reach out to let me know when a good time for an individual coffee or a visit might be.

I hope you've enjoyed these longer evenings and glimpses of spring! Little Zoe, by the way, is still adjusting to the time change...


Rev. Nate Klug