Fundraising for ACC

Fundraising for ACC

The “Scrip Project” is listed among the designated funds on ACC’s financial report.  This project has been a quiet little fund-raiser for many years; it currently has a balance of about $300.  Recently, the fund has been receiving about $5 per month, but those donations are drying up because Safeway and Lucky are not participating anymore.  Here are some alternative suggestions:

·       If you are an Amazon shopper, you can register with Amazon Smile to have a percentage of your purchases distributed to a charity of your choice (Arlington Community Church, of course!).  This can add up fast, especially if you do a lot of Christmas shopping on Amazon.

·  This program sells gift cards for a number of stores.  (Starbucks, Target, and Safeway are among the businesses shown on their website.)  A portion of the price of the gift card is donated to your charity.

·  The current name of the program we knew as Scrip.  There are some small chain stores registered with this program, but no major chains.  Arlington Community Church is still a charity registered with this program.

Do you know of other fundraising programs like these?  Drop a note to Nate, or Nina, or another Council member.

-        Sara Laferte