Summer Sermon Series: It’s Complicated

“It’s Complicated”: A Summer Sermon Series

 Life is full of blessings that can also feel like burdens. How do we navigate situations that require all of our head and heart, and still might not have an answer?

 Join us as we have fun exploring a different “complicated” topic each Sunday morning, from family to money to tradition.


June 2. “It’s Complicated: Success.”

Text: Acts 16:16-34. Rev. Nate Klug preaching.


June 9. “It’s Complicated: The Gift of Many Tongues.”

Pentecost Sunday. Text: Genesis 11:1-9, Acts 2:1-21. Rev. Nate Klug preaching.


June 16. “It’s Complicated: Tradition.”

Text: Genesis 32: 22-32. Rev. Nate Klug preaching.


June 23. “It’s Complicated: Identity and Unity.”

Text: Galatians 3:27-29. Rev. Dr. Melinda McLain (Mira Vista UCC) preaching.


June 30. “It’s Complicated: Having a Calling.”

Text: Isaiah 6:1-8. Rev. Nate Klug preaching.


July 7. “It’s Complicated: Money and Privilege.”

Text: Ecclesiastes 5:10, Matthew 6. Rev. Nate Klug preaching.


July 14. “It’s Complicated: Family.”

Text: Matthew 10, Luke 10:38-42. Rev. Nate Klug preaching.


July 21. “It’s Complicated: Having a Building.”

Text: Exodus 25, 31, 40. Rev. Nate Klug preaching.


July 28. “It’s Complicated: Loving our Enemies.”  

Text: Luke 6:27-36. Rev. Phil Porter preaching.


August 4. “It’s Complicated: Wholeness.”

Text: TBD. Rev. Barry Cammer preaching.


August 11. “It’s Complicated: Marriage and Divorce.”

Text: Ecclesiastes 3, Matthew 19. Rev. Nate Klug preaching


August 18. “It’s Complicated: Technology.”

Text: Genesis 6, 1 Corinthians 9: 19-23. Rev. Nate Klug preaching.


August 25. “It’s Complicated: Having a Specific Faith.”

Text: Luke 13:22-30. Rev. Nate Klug preaching.