2020 Campaign Update and Thank You

2020 Campaign Update and Thank You

The Capital Campaign is GROWING, thanks to those who stepped up in answer to the renewed 2020 appeal mailed in June. Several people in the congregation offered new pledges to the campaign, increased their pledges, or paid pledges early.

Elena Caruthers, our Financial Secretary, has reported we have received 4 new pledges, and 2 increases since June 2019. We now have $157,425.00 in total pledges to the 2020 Campaign.

Importantly, the 2020 Campaign can continue to help pay the costs of our recent large projects. It is not too late to donate, if it is still on you list of things to do.

The roof work has totally been paid for:

· $19,297 came from the Capital Campaign (not an anticipated Capital project),

· $120,000 came from the Endowment and Building funds, and

· The balance came from Surplus funds.

· The cost of the entire project came to $162,771.45 – under the $165,000 expected.

Money is still left in the Capital Campaign fund and will be used, along with endowment and surplus funds to pay for the patio and drainage work currently in progress. This project was on the original 2020 Capital Improvements plan.

It has been a very busy summer. Both the roof and the patio projects have taken priority in the sequence of 2020 projects for safety reasons. The Church Council is grateful for the excellent negotiating, planning, and supervision of these projects done by David Hertzer.

The ACC Council also extends a grateful Thank You to all those who have donated to the 2020 Capital Campaign. The proposal to recognize donors is not forgotten. Once the patio is finished, we will be exploring an appropriate way to do this, such as a wall of names, including all names without disclosing the amounts donated to the campaign. If you have thoughts on this, please share with members of the Council.

New capital improvement proposals include the expansion/reorganization of bathroom space in the narthex. Finding funds for that is a matter for future discussion. Who knows, the Capital Campaign fund may be able to kick off that project.

With gratitude for your generosity,

Linda Young, Vice Moderator