Preparing for a New Minister

Preparing for a New Minister

Thanks to all who attended the lively Spectrum Sunday the 30th and again on the 6th - discussing the focus of the ministry our proposed Designated Term Minister who will be giving his Candidate Sermon January 27. There were lots of great questions and it was exciting to see the Congregation looking ahead to a new ministry.

A key part of the focus for the next couple of years will be deepening our commitment and finding specific practices for living out the ACC Covenant for Life Together: We, the members and friends of Arlington Community Church, are called to be stewards of creation and to build a just society based upon the inspiration of our faith.

Read the Entire Covenant for Life Together by clicking here

This, you may recall, was a product of the New Beginnings process and small group discussions toward the latter months of Tony's ministry.   From this Covenant emerged the proposal to seek Creation Justice Church status from the wider church (September Congregational Meeting).      

Linda Young 

- for the Search Committee

Council Notes, December 2018


 It is an exciting time in the life of our church.  We are preparing the way for new things to come.  The most significant part of the work has been the progress of our Search Committees in choosing two people to shepherd us. 

We have already welcomed Rev. Dennis Alger, our interim pastor, who began work on December 1.  Dennis will be with us for three months to do the work of transition and prepare us to meet a new pastor.  We’re already enjoying seeing his Arlington Community Church posting every day on Facebook with inspirational news and comments.  Do check out Arlington Community Church, UCC, on Facebook.

The second search committee will be introducing us to Rev. Nate Klug, our candidate for a three-quarter time pastorate.  Nate will lead worship on Sunday, January 27, and we will hold a congregational vote that day after worship whether to call him.  Be sure to come to church on January 27!

Also on January 27, we will hold a brief congregational meeting to finish business continued from last November.  We will vote on the finalized budget for 2019, and we will vote on a by-laws change to move the annual meeting date from November back to January.  Several years ago it was suggested that January was a difficult time to hold the annual meeting because the pastor and church leadership were obliged to prepare for the meeting during the busy holiday season.  We changed the meeting date to November to resolve that problem.  However, our financial reports and budget predictions are not available until after the first of the year.  January is also a better time to transfer leadership duties in Council and on church boards.  On December 12, Council voted to propose a by-laws change moving the date of the annual meeting back to January.

Have a merry Christmas.  See you on January 27!

Advent Greetings to All

Advent Greetings to All

Those of us who remember Don McNeill’s Breakfast Club (on the radio 1933-68 from Chicago) are most likely eligible for AARP programs (and can recite the words to the songs), such as the Driver Safety emphasis—this week’s public service announcement.  I’m currently taking it on line AND will save on our automobile insurance.  Very practical and worth the effort.  Plus, I’m learning things, which is the point after all.

Congregations “promote” special offerings in various ways, so you all know this but I want to add my encouragement.  The Christmas Offering (formerly known as Veterans of the Cross) makes possible special monetary gifts to our most financially-challenged retired clergy and church workers.  For more information consult the website.  Thanks for supporting this appeal.

Meanwhile I continue to have conversations with members and am gleaning a lot of useful information.  The goal is to provide the Council and future pastor with some insights into members’ vision for the future in light of current capacities and enthusiasms.  Seek me out when you have time; we will talk…

By the way, last week I mentioned the Facebook opportunity for engaging people.  Arlington has about 100 new “likes.”  One person even wrote to thank me for inviting him; he’s never been to California BUT would come to Arlington if he does.  You never know what will happen if you invite someone—maybe a family member, maybe a neighbor.  More to come…

Admit it, your mind is hearing “Good Morning Breakfast Clubers, good morning to ya; we woke up bright and early just to howdy-do ya…”

Dennis, Interim Pastor

To All Who Consider Arlington Community Church “Home:” Advent Greetings!

To All Who Consider Arlington Community Church “Home:” Advent Greetings!

It has begun, our time together.  You have called me to engage with you for a time of Interim Ministry, a time of exploration, evaluation, recommendation, and relationship-building.  Already individuals have talked with me, often at length, regarding this community of faith in terms of joys and concerns.  Sometime next month I will summarize my learnings into a report to the Council.  That body’s eventual deliberations with the incoming pastor will be informed by that report.

All along the way, I will ask questions, make suggestions and offer observations.  Here is the first suggestion—based upon presentations about social media I’ve attended in recent years: use social media for networking.  I’m a member of Pilgrim UCC in Carlsbad, CA.  Each Sunday someone makes this announcement: “Please silence your cell phones, but feel free to alert your friends on social media that you are in worship at Pilgrim.”  Most who read these words can be social media ambassadors for Arlington. Check it out.

On Wednesday, yesterday, I was given access to Arlington’s Facebook page; subsequently I invited almost all my Facebook friends to “like” the Arlington page; this morning, Thursday, there are about 60 new “likes”.  These persons will not attend services (unless passing through) because they range from the Philippines to parts of Africa.  However, they compose a community of encouragement, information sharing, and advocacy.  I suggest you invite your friends as well; you might get some really good feedback.

Feel free to contact me and share your perspective, insights, excitement and/or frustration.  I already see many great things happening along with ideas for future exploration.  Thanks for inviting me along on your journey.

-        Dennis

Celebrate Christmas with a Poinsettia

Celebrate Christmas with a Poinsettia


During Advent we are filled with joyful anticipation of the birth of the light of God’s hope in our hearts. We tell each other this “old, old story,” as we begin to see the lights and colors of hope in our own lives.

A beautiful tradition at ACC is the display of lovely red poinsettias which decorate the sanctuary for our Christmas worship together.  As in years past, you are invited to donate one or more poinsettias at our cost ($8.00 each), and to dedicate your beautiful flower(s) to a loved one.  You are also invited to take it home to add sparkle to your own celebration following the worship service on Christmas Eve.  On the next two Sundays, December 9 and 16, order forms will be found in your bulletins and Sue Day will be in the Social hall to take your orders and donation.  Checks are payable to ACC (Poinsettia).

In the event you cannot be present to take your flower home Christmas Eve, please let us know when you reserve it, as we may be able to arrange delivery after the Christmas Eve worship service.

Sue Day  will be confirming ACC’s final order on the 17th. Her contact information is: 705-1885 --

In the event you cannot be present to take your flower home Christmas Eve, please let us know when you reserve it, as we may be able to arrange delivery after the Christmas Eve worship service.

Please make checks payable to “ACC Poinsettia”