In 2012, the Christian Education Board explored transitioning from traditional ideas of education to life-long faith formation. This process, led by Michael Mansfield,  was opened up to leaders and members of the congregation. Together we came up with these affirmations and statements:

We believe that God is everywhere; Our belief in God, our world, our neighbors, and ourselves is foundational to our mission of life skills, celebration, and service/justice.

Based on this, we want to learn together:

A “way” to live;

In “family-style” (inter-generationally) ;

Age-Appropriate (suited to 21st Century).

Together we all spiral through stages of faith and stages of life; together, forever … it does not end, it is never over, no one is ever done.

 Our life-long learning process through the stages of faith and life begin as children, through experiences and participation in worship, service, and practicing faith skills; however, we understand that:

Conscious faith begins in adulthood;

Therefore, care of the adult community is our primary spiritual focus;

Although we know we are an adult church with an adult faith, we whole-heartedly welcome and invite young people throughout their childhood and adolescence into questions about life skills, celebration, and service/justice.

As such,  we will:

Encourage ways to find an adult view of God and an adult view of faith;

Look at the blessings and the harmful parts of our past;

Look at the blessings and the harmful parts of our present;

Welcome new ideas and old ideas (ones that haven’t ever been tried, really);

Welcome disagreement;

Welcome questions;

Learn to sort out the phonies;

Become wiser souls and have bigger hearts in our future.