Frequently ASked questions

Do you have parking?  Yes. There is a large lot on the east side of Arlington Ave; for safety we recommend crossing the street at the cross-walk at the south end of the lot, near the Kensington Public Library. Handicap parking is on the west side of Arlington Ave, near the cross-walk at Rincon Ave. There is also street parking on Arlington Ave. as well as on Rincon Ave..

How do I get into the building? The main entrance is on the east side of the building, along Arlington Ave, under the large A-Frame. To get to the Sanctuary and Social Hall go down to the first level; for the Offices, go up to the second level. From the cross-walk at Arlington Ave and Rincon Ave, follow the lower sidewalk along the east side of the building to the main entrance.

Where are your bathrooms? As you enter off Arlington, the bathrooms are to the right. There is also a small bathroom upstairs in the office suite.

Where is the Sanctuary? As you enter off Arlington, it is to your left. Most people enter through the Fireside Room, which is straight ahead, then through the double doors on the left.

Where is the Fireside Room? From Arlington, it is straight ahead and through the double doors on the left.

Where is the Social Hall? From Arlington, turn to the right; the Social Hall is through the double doors on the left.

Where is the Kitchen? From Arlington, go straight down the hallway. The Kitchen is on the right, through a single door just past the double doors. You can also access the Kitchen through the Social Hall.

Where are the Offices? Upstairs. During business hours, enter from Arlington Ave and go up to the second level. Ring the doorbell to let us know you are here. There is also an inside stairway between the kitchen and the Fireside Room. If you are unable to climb stairs, please call the office at 510-526-9146 and we will be happy to meet you downstairs.

Where is Growing Light Montessori? Access to Growing Light Montessori is on the lower side of the church, from Rincon Ave.

Where is Kensington Nursery School? Access to Kensington Nursery School is on the lower side of the church, from Rincon Ave.

Are you handicap accessible? The Sanctuary, Social Hall, and Fireside Room are accessible, and the bathrooms on that level are ADA compliant; the sidewalk that runs along the eastern portion of the building is accessible from the south, at the corner of Rincon and Arlington. We are working on a long-term plan that will make the Office level accessible. We also have assistant listening devices and large print bulletins for those that need them; the ushers can help you with those.

Do you use the Bible? Yes. Every week we hear scriptures from which our ministers preach. We regularly use the Psalms and other Biblical passages as prayers or blessings in worship.

Do you believe the Bible literally? No. We take the Bible seriously, but not literally. We believe God is Still Speaking through our natural world, scientific discovery, music and art, other world faith traditions, and prophets and theologians who have lived since the Bible was written. For more check out this page.

I’m not a member; can I take communion? Yes! We believe the table is God’s table first, and God is the host. All people, no matter your membership status in this church, another church, or no church, who wish to participate may. We serve gluten-free bread and grape juice so that all my freely take.

New Members and Their Sponsors

-What does it take to become a member of Arlington Community Church? We hold membership classes regularly for folks who are interested in joining, or simply in learning more about our community and tradition. These classes include a conversations on the United Church of Christ and Arlington Community Church, how we see and use the Bible, and our personal faith journeys. Write to Rev. Nate ( for more information.

What does membership get me? Membership gives you the opportunity to vote on congregational issues such as calling a pastor, setting the budget and large financial matters, and shaping the direction of the congregation.

 Why the Love Dove?  The Love Dove is on one of the stained glass windows in the Sanctuary, near the south west corner. This window and the one opposite it in the south east corner, give us the commandments Jesus gave his disciples, To love the Lord your God, and to Love your Neighbor. We have claimed this symbol of love as our logo. Two other stained glass windows over the doors to the Fireside Room symbolize our two sacraments, baptism and communion.

What does ONA mean? ONA, or Open and Affirming, designates a UCC congregation that has gone through a process of study, education, and a congregational vote to openly accept all Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender people into the entire life of the congregation, including worship and leadership. The UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns maintains a list of all congregations that have taken on this designation.

What is the UCC? The UCC, or United Church of Christ, is our parent denomination. It was founded in 1957 from a merger from 3 denominations which trace their origins back to the roots of the Reformation (Congregational, which were the Pilgrims and Puritans; Reformed, a German immigrant denomination that arrived in the US in the 1830s; and Evangelical, a German immigrant denomination that has been in North America from before the Revolutionary War), and a fourth, uniquely American Frontier denomination (the Christian Church). We are founded on two uniting prinicipals: Covenant between each other and God, and Justice for those who are oppressed. In the UCC, congregations have full autonomy to decide on all issues including pastoral leadership and property usage or sale. ACC is in covenant with other UCC churches in the Bay Association, and the Northern CA/NV Conference.