September 2018 Council Notes

September 2018 Council Notes

Is your pledge up to date? Some people prepaid their 2018 pledges in December, giving us a 'cushion' of funds to start this year. Other pledge payments have been a bit slow, and we have now used up the 'cushion' to help pay the bills. Currently, pledge income is behind budget by about $7,000. If you can, please bring your pledge current, or let our Financial Secretary, Carol Lloyd, know if your plans have changed.

Godspeed, Tony and Darrell: The send-off fiesta on Sunday September 16 was a typical ACC event - plenty of laughter, good food, bright music, warm hugs. About 80 people attended, including the East Bay Gay Men's Chorus. Farewell gifts included Worthy Tams for Tony and Darrell (but appropriately styled for Midwest winters. I hope there are photos somewhere!), hand-made placemats from Clavel, Love Dove t-shirts, and a beautiful painting of the Sonoma coast.

Interim Worship Plans and Search for Interim Pastor: We will see some new and some familiar faces leading worship in the next few months. Barry Cammer has volunteered to coordinate the arrangements and to preach occasionally. We also have other gifted preachers in our community, so watch your Parishscope to see who is coming next. Our preacher on September 23 will be the Rev. Deborah Streeter, whose "Blue Theology" ministry embraces stewardship of our planet, and particularly of the ocean.

In the meantime, the Interim Search Committee is reviewing resumes and holding interviews. When they have settled on the best candidate, they will recommend that person to Council for approval. This is the procedure set forth in our by-laws.

Building Improvements: We have replaced old ductwork and three old furnaces with clean new ductwork and two furnaces. Thanks to Javier, the most weather-beaten face of the building on Rincon Road has been power-washed, primed, and painted.

If you would like more details about any of these items, ask our moderator, Nina Harmon. Complete council minutes are available in the administrative office.