Spectrum: Blue Theology with Rev. Deboray Streeter

Spectrum: Blue Theology with Rev. Deboray Streeter

September 23 @ 11:30 am

You are invited to join us in the Fireside Room for a Spectrum presentation by Deborah Streeter on Blue Theology. The program starts just after you've had a chance to get a cup of coffee after worship today.

Rev. Deborah Streeter is authorized by the United Church of Christ to be "Minister for Blue Theology," preaching and teaching about ocean spirituality and ocean stewardship.

She is a member of two churches; La Selva Community United Church of Christ, and the Christian Church of Pacific Grove, where she co-founded their Blue Theology program, which provides learning/serving/retreat opportunities for youth and adults on ocean stewardship and spirituality. She writes a weekly "Blue Theology Tide-ings" blog on Facebook and at:

www.bluetheologytideings.blogspot.com & www.bluetheology.com

Deborah has served as a local church pastor, campus minister (UC Berkeley), hospital chaplain (Stanford Hospital), associate conference minister for the UCC and editor of their monthly regional newspaper. She has taught at Pacific School of Religion and in Santa Clara University's Environmental Studies program.