Jumping Right In

Jumping Right In

Hello Arlington Community Church! Here it is, the beginning of March, finally my first week as your Designated Term Minister. I am so excited to get started. And with Lent fast approaching, we are jumping right in together.

I’ve spent the last week getting my bearings, preparing for Sunday worship, and having conversations with Dennis (before he left town), Jacob, Shanti, and many lay leaders. Thanks to everyone who has helped me get settled! My books aren’t quite unpacked in the office, but I feel a lot more comfortable around here than I did a week ago.

What I can tell already is that we are a community with many passions and a lot of care for one another and our world. Over time, I will use this newsletter space for several purposes: to reflect on a particular aspect of our church’s mission, to raise a theological question that might arise out of our life together, to share a poem or anecdote, or to call our attention to an under-noticed issue in our community.

For today, my first day, let me reiterate my gladness to be serving among you. Join us on Sunday morning as we hear Luke’s story of Jesus’ Transfiguration, and consider the different shapes transformation can take in our lives. And, looking ahead, mark your calendars for a brief, contemplative Ash Wednesday service on March 6 at 7 pm.

Wishing you God’s peace,

Rev. Nate Klug

PS -- Some of you have asked how to pronounce my last name. Great question! It’s “Kl-OOg,” not “Kl-UGG.”