Vision 2020 and Capital Campaign Midpoint Update Report

Vision 2020 and Capital Campaign Midpoint Update Report

May 24, 2019

Compiled by Linda Young, Vice Moderator, with input from Council & Trustees

 We are well on our way to reaching our goals, both in pledges collected from the 2017 Capital Campaign, and in completing original 2020 planned projects.   Council wishes the congregation to see current progress at this point.  The council has learned about some unforeseen expenses that need immediate attention and is working on prioritizing.  More information will come soon.  


Important Opportunities to Give

 The Council, 2020 Planning Committee, Capital Campaign Committee, and Board of Building and Grounds trustees have all worked hard to provide good stewardship of our building and grounds, and are deeply grateful for the generosity of the Congregation during the Capital Campaign 2017, as well as for generous estate bequests and gifts, Endowment Trustees, and our Treasurer’s management of funds. 

 ·       If you made a “one-time donation” to the 2020 Capital Campaign and intended to add another, this is a good time.

·       Perhaps you have still not pledged or contributed to the Capital Campaign and would like to make a pledge.

 If you wish to write a check, write it payable to Arlington Community Church with Capital Campaign in the left bottom corner.  You may put it in the offering plate, or mail to Elena Caruthers at 234 Williamette Ave, Kensington, CA 94708.

 You may recall some of this history:

 2020 Envisioning

 In 2012 a Building Imaging Team was formed to develop a plan for improvements to the church building and grounds. A survey of ideas was conducted and recommendations were made to the congregation in 2013. Planning and prioritizing continued through 2014-15. 

 The Church Council gave the name 2020 Vision to the concept of working through these ideas and formed an advisory committee to work with the Church Council and the Building and Grounds Trustees.   The focus was to imagine what the church could look like in 2020 with a broad horizon. Priorities were adopted to address safety and accessibility issues and then plan improvements that could last at least 50 years.  

 The committee created a comprehensive project list, set goal periods for completion and identified sources of funding. Sources included Endowment funds, memorial bequests, gifts, and funds in the Building and Grounds Trustees budget.

 During the same period, a major solar energy project was undertaken, and while it was not originally part of the 2020 Vision, other projects were done in conjunction with the solar project.   After examining funds available to take us through 2020 projects, the Council decided a Capital Campaign was necessary.


2020 Capital Campaign Progress:

In 2017 a Capital Campaign Committee was formed and began collecting pledges and donations to further the work of projects on the 2020 Projects list.

 Financial Secretary, Elena Caruthers, reports the following:

 ·       June 30, 2019 marks the mid-point of our Vision 2020 Capital Campaign.

·       Our pledges to the campaign at the end of 2016 were $157,425.

·       As of May 15th we have collected over $106,500 or 68% of the pledges.

·       This leaves just under $50,000 remaining in outstanding payments. 


In the meantime, the Board of Building and Grounds Trustees has been working hard to see that projects are fairly bid and effectively completed. 

Capital Improvements completed as of May, 2019:


·       Kitchen Remodel: including floors, cabinets, freezer, counter tops, sinks, appliances, lighting and paint

·       New Fixtures and improved lighting in the Narthex

·       Social Hall improvements:  curtains around the room and on the stage, window repairs, and repainting

·       Furnaces:  Sanctuary, Classrooms, Fireside Room and Social Hall

·       Repair of Steinway

·       Fireside Room: TV,  windows in room doors, carpeting -including up the back stairway

·       New blinds and light fixtures in Conference Room and lounge


·       Major concrete work around the building that has been bring our facility up to the requirements for safety

·       South end railings

·       Roof on Social Hall

·       Solar Paneling

·       Painting upper wall outside office

·       Landscaping in front of the church

·       Wood deck rehab south of sanctuary


·       Montessori School Flooring

Some 2020 Projects  “In the Works” and coming up very soon.

·       Urgent Roof replacement for the sanctuary and offices due to wind and rain damage.  (The social hall roof was replaced when we installed solar in 2015.) This was not on the original 2020 plan, but recent rain and wind damage requires us to list it as a priority. The council has reviewed several bids and has agreed to work beginning July 8th of this year. This project requires additional funds.

·       Concrete work on the north side of the church including a wall, new steps, new patio and labyrinth, deck, and fixing the sidewalk in front of the church.  This work has been scheduled.  This concrete work will begin in August is a major project which will rebuild a critical retaining wall and improve access to the schools from Arlington Avenue.

·       Sound system in the Social Hall. A team of people are already exploring the needs and looking for solutions.

 Council is looking at the remaining list of 2020 projects along with new developments in the needs of both the facility and the Congregation.  Updated information will be available soon. 

Again, if you’re interested in giving: to write a check, write it payable to ACC with Capital Campaign in the left bottom corner.  You may put it in the offering plate, or mail to Elena Caruthers 234 Williamette Ave, Kensington, CA 94708