Faith is a Verb…. Musings by Pastor Tony June 9, 2017

In these weeks following Pentecost, the Holy Spirit is doing some new things, in the form of 0s and 1s, in our digital online presence. Have you noticed our new website? Jacob has created a nice new look; if you haven’t checked it out, click here to see it.

We chose the web address to replace the old, so that our actual name is reflected in the web address rather than just an abbreviation. While a bit long to type, this address allows people who are not “insiders” to more easily search for us. If you use a smart phone, the new site will come up formatted for the small screen (this is called mobile-optimized), where the old one came up as a shrunken version of the computer-screen-sized website, which was difficult to navigate on the smaller screen. Each week, we upload a written version of the sermon, and we link it to a SoundCloud file that allows people to listen to the sermon as well as read it. Check it out under the News tab from the home page. (If you’d like to listen to past sermons, check out our SoundCloud page here).

You will notice that our website is still under construction, and we could use your help!! We need photos to help us fill out our on-line presence. Whenever something happens at church take out your phone and shoot some pictures. Send them to Jacob at, or post directly on our Facebook page here.  If you are on Facebook, be sure to like us and make a comment about who we are. We are uploading sermons, events and other things of note from the UCC or the Conference to our Facebook page. If you like something on our page, go ahead and share the posts to your own timeline so we get more coverage. Please also post devotional pieces to the page.

And while you are at it, please drop a note to Jacob to let him know how much you appreciate his work!!

Who knew the Holy Spirit is fluent in 0s and 1s?  She is, and we are learning to be as well.

Peace, Pastor Tony