At-one-ment by Rev. Nate Klug

Dear friends,

As we get ready to move into Holy Week, I’m thinking about Jesus and what his work, and his death, and his resurrection, really means for our lives. Here’s a quote from Franciscan writer Richard Roh. He’s urging us to rethink traditional notions of sacrifice and salvation:

“Jesus did not come to change the mind of God about humanity; Jesus came to change the mind of humanity about God.

This grounds Christianity in love and freedom from the very beginning; it creates a very coherent and utterly attractive religion, which draws people toward lives of inner depth, prayer, reconciliation, healing and even universal ‘at-one-ment,’ instead of mere sacrificial atonement.”

If Jesus really was God Incarnate come to earth, it’s hard to imagine he didn’t come to change all of us -- every last person. Are there moments in your life when you see this kind of reconciliation peeking through?

Join us this Sunday as we wave palm branches, and prepare ourselves for the Holy Week journey - one that takes us into the very depths of what it means to feel, to be alive, to suffer and to rejoice.

Serving with you,

Rev. Nate Klug