Person of the Planet

Connecting people who care about the planet

A Person of the Planet makes decisions to the best of his or her knowledge, ability, resources and personal influence.  A Person of the Planet shares  knowledge with others as we individually and collectively educate ourselves.  Sharing through websites, educational programs, social media,  discussion groups, speakers and faith communities are ways to connect with the larger planet.  

A Person of the Planet speaks up for the well-being of the planet and always asks this question to any issue, decision or action:   "Is this good for the planet?"  Whether the issue is small or large, local or international,  personal or planetary, the question remains,  

"Is this good for the planet?"

The resolve and commitment of one person of the planet makes a difference.  Together the resolve and actions of many persons will save our planet to enable the next generations to survive and thrive.  Our planet needs a human voice to be its spokesperson.  Being that voice is being a

Person of the Planet.

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