Preparing for a New Minister

Preparing for a New Minister

Thanks to all who attended the lively Spectrum Sunday the 30th and again on the 6th - discussing the focus of the ministry our proposed Designated Term Minister who will be giving his Candidate Sermon January 27. There were lots of great questions and it was exciting to see the Congregation looking ahead to a new ministry.

A key part of the focus for the next couple of years will be deepening our commitment and finding specific practices for living out the ACC Covenant for Life Together: We, the members and friends of Arlington Community Church, are called to be stewards of creation and to build a just society based upon the inspiration of our faith.

Read the Entire Covenant for Life Together by clicking here

This, you may recall, was a product of the New Beginnings process and small group discussions toward the latter months of Tony's ministry.   From this Covenant emerged the proposal to seek Creation Justice Church status from the wider church (September Congregational Meeting).      

Linda Young 

- for the Search Committee