ACC Values:

  • Life-long learning and education

We are proud to be a teaching congregation for ministers-in-training at the Pacific School of Religion

  • Science and all of its additions to understanding the world around us

We accept the teachings of evolution as truth and seek ways to integrate all scientific truths with our faith. 

  • Insights from all spiritual paths, including those of other world religions

We believe there are many paths to the Divine. While we are particularly Christian, we are also interested in understanding experiences from other faiths.

  • The spiritual experience of participating in the arts

Our worship and faith formation utilize the arts to deepen our experiences of spirituality

ACC: A Community Where All Can –

  •  Explore and deepen their relation with God through worship, meditation, music, prayer, learning and service

  • Support and care for one another in life’s joys and challenges

  • Joyfully serve as Jesus’ hands in our community and world.

ACC Seeks to Provide:

  • A sense of serenity and peace of mind in this frantic world

  • An opportunity to reach out and help someone in need

  • A place where people of all ages can explore and learn about the important values in life

  •  A chance to experience personal spiritual sustenance

  • A sanctuary where we may come to know and better understand God